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Award-winning litter-pick?

We're delighted to announce that West Leake has picked up the Volkswagen Award for Village Conservation. In cunning style, VW had hidden the trophy for us to find under a bush on Brickyard Lane. but we recognised it for the undoubted accolade it is, all the same!

The grass may have been long and the hot sun might have been beating down, but it didn't stop West Leake Litter Pickers being out in force to clean up the village and its approach roads on Saturday 27th.

Whether it was improved behaviour by passing motorists or lower visibility due to the undergrowth, but the levels of discarded rubbish were actually far lower than on previous occasions.

Just some of the team are shown here with their magnificent shiny trophy - well done to all involved. See for future dates.

Ps. If anyone has lost a "VW award", please contact , otherwise Andrew and Sarah want it as a trendy snacks dish!


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