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Walkers away to a wonderful start.

The first walk amongst villagers took place Thursday 18th, with a small group of just six humans and one canine companion enjoying a four mile trip around the village.

Blisters aside ("Next time, don't wear shoes that you haven't worn for 2 years, Tim"), the walk - which almost exactly achieves the daily recommended 10,000 steps - was enjoyed by all.

We collectively agreed that walks should be every two weeks, but initially we will have an organised walk every week to get the group established. We will alternate between Thursday and Fridays to see if this impacts on numbers and allows others to participate. Suggestions and ideas welcome.

Dates & Time :

Thursday 19th August at 11am

Friday 26th August at 11am

Thursday 1st September at 11am

Friday 9th September at 11am

Thursday 15th September at 11am

Thursday 29th September at 11am

Meeting point : Field Gate at East Leake end of village

Distance : Approx 4 miles over 75-90 minutes.

Route : Upto Rushcliffe Golf Course, around through the woods and back past the silo.


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