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The Baaarton's bottle-fed lambs.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The Barton-owned fields around West Leake have slowly been filling up with this year's delightful little lambs, with just four ewe's still to have their young (TB 26.03.23)

As is sadly the norm, some ewes (especially those delivering their first lambs) don't immediately take to their offspring and so the babies have to be fed by hand - referred to as 'bottling lambs'.

Tom and Jane Barton have been run off their feet keeping the little ones healthy and happy as this involves feeding round the clock, so Dale and Rebecca have been helping out, who in turn have been ably assisted by their daughter, Annie.

Villager Louise took her two young daughters, Alice and June (in the pic above), along to see how they were all getting on. I think it's fair to say that they enjoyed the experience.


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