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Village 'firefighters' avert disaster

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service heaped their praise on three of the village's residents on Monday 15th August, when the trio bravely fought a field fire in the land behind The Star.

Apparently, a crow had inadvertently managed to cause electrical sparks to fly from the nearby electric pylon, igniting the extremely dry hay in the field. Within seconds the field was ablaze and only the swift action of Dave, Sue and Jules averted a potential disaster.

Using water from the brook, they ferried a line of buckets and doused the flames before they could take major hold, although an area of some 40 or 50 sq ft was laid bare as testament to the fire and the village was without electric for over an hour.

Quick-thinking by the 'team' also saw them ask for professional assistance but by the time the NF&RS arrived (in incredibly fast time, it should be noted), the flames had thankfully been extinguished.

Whilst this might seem a small incident, its all too clear that given the recent drought, if this fire had gone undetected for many more minutes, the results might have been far more serious, threatening the hedge, field, livestock and even the village itself.

Whilst there were thankfully were no human casualties, sightings of a crow with charred tail feathers and a sore looking red bottom have been reported.

To show the village's appreciation for the 'un-caped' heroes, the three will be served a free pint as well as a flame-grilled burger meal at the Star at 5pm on Friday 20th

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Aug 16, 2022

Well done guys!

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