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The quiz was a whizz.

This year's annual quiz night attracted a bumper 42 entrants with a fun night enjoyed by all, at a packed West Leake village hall.

With a hearty supper of bangers, mash and beans washed down with vino-a-plenty (other non-alcoholic drinks were consumed too!), half a dozen rounds of questions were posed to the seven teams. Questions were put together by six different villagers, covering news, sport, celebs, sweet and flowers, ingredients and a general knowledge round.

News round : Compiled by Jeremy Murfitt, with questions including where Boris was holidaying this week? (Answer : Dominican Republic)

Sports round : Questions posed by Julie Bromell, including in which country did the 2022 Tour de France start? (Answer : Denmark)

Celebrity Photo Round : Put together by Andrew Clark, with all but one of the photographs featuring a son or daughter of Nottinghamshire with famous faces like Vicky McClure and Carl Froch joining less well known characters like Xylophone Man (Frank Robinson).

Sweet & Flower Round : Compiled by Jenny and Alan Darby, this section required cryptic clues to be answered with the relevant item. great questions included Clever Clogs (Smarties) and Mrs Bucket (Hyacinth)

Cooking with Kathryn Round : Here, participants had to smell the contents of a jar or small tub to recognise the herb, spice, seed or leaves. Saffron, cinnamon and curry caused few problems, but pink sugar sprinkles and green tea saw much debate!

General Knowledge Round : This was put together by Cathie O'Donnell including question of the night - whats the collective noun for pandas (and well done to the few who correctly said, Embarrassment)

Teams & Scores

1st - Off Cuts 84.5

2nd - Sheepy Blinders 74.5

3rd - For Goodness Sake 71

4th - Three Blondes & Carers 69.5

5th - The Closers 60

6th - Red Hot Chillies 53.5

7th - Fox Hills 52.5

Many thanks to Alan & Jenny Darby, Kathryn Allen, Julie Bromell and Cathie O'Donnell for their culinary skills, Jeremy Murfitt (set-up), Sarah Roberts (main prize) and Tim Henshall (compere).


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