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Super supper shows spirit

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Each Autumn, the Village Hall Committee stages a Supper Evening for the inhabitants of West Leake to share in a friendly social event. This year, forty five villagers (almost half the population!) attended this delightful community event, with the committee laying on a delicious three course meal, followed by a light-hearted but informative lecture on African wildlife.

With an amazing 'culinary crew' comprising of Liz Murfitt, Julie Bromell, Kathryn Allen and Jenny Darby (ably assisted by other members who provided crumbles for desert), the meal included a fabulously presented starter of prawn cocktail and salad, followed by a tasty chicken dish, served with fresh vegetables.

Jeremy, Sarah, Aly, Cathy, Andrew and Tim all provided much needed support with set-up and general organisation on the night, which included a charity raffle that raised over £120!

Tim Henshall, a safari expert, gave an informative talk on Africa's wildlife behaviours with a few anecdotes thrown in for fun - along with some sobering data regards dwindling animal numbers (see below)

There was a true community spirit around the entire event, which saw everyone returning home with a full belly and hopefully a few new thoughts about wildlife conservation.


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