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Rushcliffe BC writes regarding Power Station redevelopment.

Rushcliffe Borough Council has written to all inhabitants of the village, including the following points :

Advice that the consultation deadline is now Thursday 19th January and that the documents can be seen online :

The reference number is 22/01339/LDO

Proposed revisions :

Amending the range of permitted uses on the Southern Area (south of A453) to those limited specifically to low carbon energy production and storage or manufacturing uses delivering the net zero transition;

To place greater limits on the extent to which the height of the buildings on the Southern Area can go above 30 metres.

Limiting the amount of development which can be occupied before road improvements are delivered or there is agreement for their delivery. This is to ensure the road improvements are designed to also accommodate other major developments that are planned to come forward in the local area:

To require a public transport management study for local roads at and around nearby villages and the implementation of the proposed recommendations and;

Various revisions to the LDO's design guide to help ensure that a new quality environment is delivered when the Power Station site is redeveloped.

Rushcliffe Borough Council :

Craig Miles (0115-914-8308)

Emily Dodd (Planning Manager)

Please note : whilst the letter was dated 15th December, due to strike action by postal workers, many will only just have received it.



I still don’t feel that RBC is playing ball.

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