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What a load of old rubbish!

West Leake residents were out in force again this Saturday (27th August) in a further drive to remove litter from the lanes in and around the village.

As ever, a small mountain of trash was collected by the volunteer crew and this was piled up close to the Village library, awaiting collection by the local authority.

As well as countless tin cans, coffee cups, plastic bottles and fast food wrappers there were also plenty of less usual items.

The star prize for 'Bizarre Item Collector' goes to Sue, who found a cryptic note pegged into the ground with a small iron hook, near to the end of Brickyard Lane.

It has more than a hint of an Eastenders or Midsomer Murders episode about it, with the plenty of intrigue.....bad driving, a car breakdown, profanity during a heated exchange.....and then no remorse..but for what? The plot thickens.....

It reads...

"Well, I don't know who you are or why you are so unhappy. But if you're married, I assume you would be an age where you'd be able to have a reasonable conversation about my driving, if you genuinely had an issue with it.

But instead, you called me a t**t and said that you were happy that I had broken down - and that's the behaviour of a child. So forgive me for not being particularly remorseful."


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