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Post-Christmas treats for Alpacas

Whilst you were munching through mince pies and indulging on a Terry's Chocolate Orange or tin of Quality Street, Sabrina's pet Alpacas were patiently waiting for their Christmas treats.

Who knew it, but Alpacas are partial to pine needles - so your discarded Christmas tree turns out to be the perfect foodstuff for an alpaca party. they'll be chewing away for ages.

Be sure to remove all baubles along with Christmas twinkly-lights as the Alpacas faces will light up anyway, at the sight of a decent Norwegian Spruce!

So earn recycling brownie points and make an alpaca feel all 'rama, llama ding-dong, by letting Sabrina have your unwanted fir trees asap.

1 Comment

Jan 04, 2023

Cute alpacas aren’t they?

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