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Men's drinks evenings are off to a fizzing start!

After much preparation and assessment, the men's equivalent of "Early Doors" officially launched last night (Monday 10th) at the Star Inn.

The small, but happy bunch debated a wide range of topics and put most of the world to rights. These included the ethics of fox hunting; the suitability of professional boxing; modern football versus that of the 1970/80s; the likely next actions in the Ukraine conflict (and what should and shouldn't be condoned); meeting your hero celebrity, as well as trust in modern society.

It's fair to say that there was little agreement on some subjects, but instead there was plenty of lively, sensible and at times enlightening debate that was enjoyed by all. Oh, and a couple of pints were 'sunk' too.

The next gathering is on Monday 14th November from 5.30pm. Se you there.


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