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Is all sunny at the solar farm?

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Villagers may be aware of an application by Ms Sarah Rocks to build a sizeable solar farm in the fields on the village side of Rushcliffe Golf Course. This comprises the land between Wood Lane and Stocking Lane.

They wish to install a renewable energy-generating solar farm, comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays; a substation; inverter stations; security measures and other infrastructure - including landscaping and bio-diversity enhancements.

Whilst the general concept has wide approval, there are concerns regarding the actual benefits of the site (with the level of power generated being disputed), along with the use of land that arguably could be better used for agricultural purposes.

Rushcliffe Borough Council did not approve the initial proposals and revised documents have been submitted by the applicant. A reduction in the proposed size of the farm has already been proposed, but concerns remain amongst villagers affected.

Any comments, complaints or requests need to be submitted to Craig Miles (0115 914 8308) or Emily Dodd at Rushcliffe Borough Council by 25th January 2023.

Ref 22/00319/FUL


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