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Heroic midwife takes the plunge

Village resident Anna Holt completed a spine-tingling descent of Leicester Royal Infirmary, all in the name of baby research.

To help raise funds and awareness for iGBS 3 - a programme to develop a vaccine for GBS group B strep (read more), Anna abseiled down six stories of the Windsor Building at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Anna's day job is as a clinical midwife in the hospital's delivery suite, but she also works as a research midwife, involved in studies to improve maternal and feral mortality and reduce morbidity.

The international research community is desperately trying to find the best way to protect unborn and newborn babies from the iGBS3 infection. So Anna was keen to raise awareness of their trial which requires the participation of 6,000 pregnant women to help develop the much needed vaccine.

On the day (Saturday 1st June), she was supported by a number of her research colleagues, but she was the only one from the team who took the plunge off the side of the 100ft building!

Afterwards it was probably more a case of 'calm the midwife', than "Call the Midwife". Having survived the experience, Anna was keen to thank everyone who sponsored her abseil and encouraged everyone to google iGBS3 to understand more.


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