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Ding-dong Christmas Sing-song

The Star Inn hosted the village’s first 'Pub-based Christmas Carol singing' session, with over 30 villagers joining in the merriment.

The assembled throng blasted out passionate renditions of more than 20 Christmas carols, whilst munching through complimentary mince pies, washed down by plenty of vino, beer and even some soft drinks too.

More fun entertainment than “chorister performance”, there was plenty of fun and laughter as we sang through the evening. Other clients of the pub seemed suitably entertained with praise a-plenty afterwards.

It's hoped that this will become an annual event, whilst villagers are also invited to join the Carol-singing around homes in the village, on the evening of 22nd December.

Thanks to Leah for the hospitality, to Rev Tim for the loan of the song books and Cathy and Jane for the piccies!


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