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Dangerous Dirt-bikes need stopping

Numerous West Leake residents have expressed concerns over recent encounters with dirt-bikers on the public footpaths and bridal ways surrounding the village, especially in West Leake hills, at the back.

One villager who raised the issue stated "These people are riding at speed and their machines are really noisy", expressing concern about potential collisions. Diana added "I only managed to avoid them by leaping to the side", whilst Sarah mentioned that she had "seen them out in force tonight (3rd) and it sounded like the Formula 1!" Rebecca confirmed that she has contacted the Police on three occasions over the last few months.

Both Mike and Kevin have attempted to clarify the legality of the bikers presence on the particular pathways on West Leake Hills, near the silo and around Foxhills Farm. But the legislation seems, as Mike stated "a minefield".

None the less, the matter has been brought to the attention of Nottinghamshire Police in West Bridgford, who have confirmed that the activities do break laws.

The Notts Police intend to use their own scramble bike team to address this issue but have stated that, "the more people report this nuisance and danger, the better".

Please report to Nottinghamshire and not Leicestershire Police.

Either call 999 or fill out the form here :


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