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Are our roads fit for (new) purpose?

Here's a picture of yet another wing mirror lost on the approaches to West Leake village. That's at least four seen already this year.

And why are vehicles losing their wing mirrors? Because they are colliding with other cars, white vans and delivery vehicles on roads that can't cope with their volume and speed.

Frequently vehicles have to slow- almost to a stand still - to allow one another through on Dark Lane and Brickyard Lane , such is the narrowness of these road. The verges are full of tyre imprints, some due to poor driving, some due to cars having to take to the side of the road to get past other traffic.

Yet our local councils (both Rushcliffe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council) not only feel they're fine and fit for purpose now, they're also confident that they'll be able to deal with the extra 8,000 employees they believe will be employed at the proposed A453 development (85% of which they expect to travel by car). Of course, nowhere near all of those will travel through West Leake, but they anticipate it'll be enough to make cross Main Street to become difficult during the day. Can our approach roads or the village cope with that?

West Leake is the only village in the entire are where RBC themselves state there will be serious impact from increased traffic. We await their next move...


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