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A brief history of West Leake

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Mike Saunders, a well respected local historian who lives in the village has provided interesting new "A brief history" text for our village website, highlighting the fascinating stories behind our village.

The full text can be read here

The first recorded mention of Leake is in the Domesday Book of 1086 although evidence of Roman occupation can be found in the area. So as our logo states, we've over a thousand years of village life in West Leake.

Owners and tenants through the centuries have included Henry De Ferrers, the Toukes, Dale Abbey, and the Bugges family. Later it belonged to Richard Mansfield, Evelyn Chadwick and Lord Middleton of Woolaton Hall, as well as the Bird family and the Wyldes. It was last purchased by the Strutts (later known as the Lords Belper).

We can read of significant events in our history including a visit by the King Edward II and his cousin, Edmund of Lancaster to prevent civil war in 1318, to the donation of the village hall to the community by Lord Belper in 1966; Mike gives mention to the basket making industry, the origins of St Helena's (and later rebuild) and the development of housing in the village during the latter part of the last century.

The full text can be read here


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