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West Leake Walkers

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Launched in August 2022, the West Leake Walkers is a friendly group aimed at villagers (and their friends) who walk to enjoy social walks around the local environs.


With final plans yet to be agreed, it's proposed that the group will walk once a week, with a variety of distances and challenges. 

Dogs are welcome to join us, but no smaller children at this stage. If required we will put on special family walks.


Whether you are new to the idea or an experienced walker who is looking for a group, you are more than welcome to join us . 

Event Details

Initially we have decided to adopt the same route for all walks, but this can change whenever anyone wants to. We want to establish a group that will meet regularly and enjoy asocial chat whilst getting some good exercise

2023 Dates & Time :

Thursday 16th February at 11am

Thursday 16th March at 11am

Thursday 13th April at 11am

Thursday 11th May at 11am

Thursday 15th June at 11am

Thursday 13th July at 11am

Thursday 17th August at 11am

Thursday 14th September at 11am

Thursday 19th October at 11am

Thursday 16th November at 11am

Thursday 14th December at 11am

Extra events may well be added (including a treasure hunt and potentially walks further afield, as well as walks not on Thursdays. Get in touch with ideas!)

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Important message

West Leake Walkers is not a commercial enterprise, nor is it a part of WLVHC. It is an informal gathering of private individuals.


It therefore does not provide insurance for participants. Nor does it accept liability for any injury or damage caused whilst participating in one of our walks.

If this is not acceptable to any would-be walkers, then sadly it is not appropriate for you to join us. I do hope you understand.

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