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Annual Flower & Produce Show

Saturday 18th September 2022 

Village Hall, Main St, West Leake.

Categories : 39 different classes - see below

This year's Flower & Produce Show produced a bumper crop of entries, despite the weather affecting matters. There was an incredible 82% increase in the number of entrants this year, with almost half of entries coming from first-timers! So well done to everyone who took part.


Vegetables / Jane Barton 

Fruit / Jane Barton

Flowers / Tom Barton

Flower Arranging / Kathryn Allan 

Crafts & Novelties / Lesley Allan

Best exhibit in show / Sophie Babcock

Baking / Jam / Gail Stone

Photography / Tim Henshall

Sunflower / Mike Saunders

Children's / Alice and June Price


The shield for the exhibitor gaining most points over all the classes :

1st  Kathryn Allan with 28 points

2nd  Jane Barton with 24 points

3rd  Jayne Hill with 19 points

Planning has already started for 2023, when we will be looking to increase participation even more.  We're considering new categories and will be promoting you with ideas and suggestions throughout the year. If you've any ideas or suggestions please do contact any member of the Village Hall Committee.

Saturday 18th September from 14:30 

Village Hall, Main St, West Leake.

Entry fee : £1 per person

Categories : 39 different classes - see below

TO ENTER : simply tick the boxes on the entry form (download) for the classes you wish to enter and bring it along with your exhibits on the day.


Although it shouldn't be taken too seriously, all classes will be judged and it is hoped that everyone will participate in what should be an enjoyable occasion.

ENTRY FEE: There's a small entry charge of £1 per person to offset the cost of the small awards, but admission to view the entries in the show is FREE.


Maximum one entry per person in each class, but there‘s no limit to the number of different classes you can enter.


ELIGIBILITY : Residents of West Leake, allotment holders and those residing in the area are all eligible.


ENTRIES MUST BE DELIVERED TO THE VILLAGE HALL BETWEEN 9.00am and 10.30 am, ahead of the independent judging which will commence at 11.00am.


All entries will be open for viewing at the Village Hall from 2pm.

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Class 1 : Three carrots, with tops

Class 2 : Three beetroot with tops

Class 3 : Three potatoes (any variety)

Class 4 : Three strand onions, trimmed

Class 5 : Beans (any variety)

Class 6 : Three tomatoes

Class 7 : Six Cherry tomatoes

Class 8 : Decorative tray of vegetables



Class 10 : Three eating apples

Class 11 : Three cooking apples

Class 12 : Three pears

Class 13 : Three stoned fruit


Class 13 : Most attractive houseplant

Class 14 : Three garden flowers

Class 15 : Three Dahlias

Class 16 : Three Roses


Class 17 : Cup & Saucer Flower Arrangement*

Class 18 : Arranged vase of flowers*

Class 19 :Painting or drawing

Class 20 : Handmade crafted item
* Bought flowers permitted


Class 21 : Basket of three eggs

Class 22 : Unusual / funniest vegetable or fruit

Class 23 : Longest bean

Class 24 : Decorated potato

Class 25 : Animal out of a vegetable

Class 26 : Dish of floating flower heads



Class 27 : Victoria Sandwich

Class 28 : Three fruit scones

Class 29 : Jam or Jelly (any variety)

Class 30 : Lemon Drizzle Cake

Class 31 : Three Fancy Cupcakes**

** Judged on decoration only 


Class 32 : Animals

Class 33 : Platinum Jubilee

Class 34 : West Leake


Class 35 : Tallest Sunflower (photo with grower for scale)

Class 36 : Biggest sunflower head



Class 37 : Picture of your best friend

Class 38 : Biscuit Royal Family

Class 39 : Dish of floating flower heads

Download entry form

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