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The 2nd Monday in the month

from 5:30 till 'whenever'!

The Star Inn

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Every second Monday in the month, the men of the village gather at the Star Inn for a session where we debate topics of the day, put the world to rights, have plenty of laughter.... and maybe even a pint or two.

Dates for your diary

JANUARY : Monday 9th from 5.30pm

FEBRUARY : Monday 13th from 5.30pm

MARCH : NEW DATE : Monday 20th / 5.30pm

APRIL : Monday 10th from 5.30pm

MAY : Monday 8th from 5.30pm

JUNE : Monday 12th from 5.30pm

JULY : Monday 10th from 5.30pm

AUGUST : Monday 14th from 5.30pm

SEPTEMBER : Monday 11th from 5.30pm

OCTOBER : Monday 9th from 5.30pm

NOVEMBER : Monday 13th from 5.30pm

DECEMBER : Monday 11th from 5.30pm

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