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Community Library

With the village's public bus routes seemingly gone forever, we've turned the redundant bus shelter into our very own community library.

Alan and Jenny Darby, who'd seen old bus shelters used in a variety of ways around the country, set out to create West Leake's own mini village library.


After a good sweep and tidy up,  bookshelves were added so villagers can simply take away books as and when they wanted, returning them when they are done.


We're pleased to report over the last two years, our little book library has expanded to bursting point! We’ve now added DVDs , jigsaws and magazines, whilst there’s even space to advertise local events.

Even though it hasn't been used as a bus shelter for many years, the council has kindly added a light for night-time use and part-funded improvements to the flooring.

A big thank you to all residents who provide a steady flow of new material. Every now and then we do have a refresh with any surplus taken to local charity shops. 

2022-03-06 13.11.11-2.jpg
2022-03-06 13.11.37-2.jpg
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