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Location 1 : On the wall, to the left of the Village Hall

Location 2 : On the wall of The Star pub.

If you see someone having a cardiac arrest, call 999, start CPR and get someone to find a defibrillator.

If you're on your own, don't interrupt CPR to find a defibrillator, send someone else instead.


When you call 999, the operator can tell you if there's a public access defibrillator nearby.


To use a defibrillator, follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Turn the defibrillator on by pressing the green button and follow its instructions.


Step 2: Peel off the sticky pads and attach them to the patient’s skin, one on each side of the chest, as shown in the picture on the defibrillator.


Step 3: Once the pads have been attached, stop CPR and don’t touch the patient. The defibrillator will then check the patient’s heart rhythm.


Step 4: The defibrillator will decide whether a shock is needed and if so, it will tell you to press the shock button. An automatic defibrillator will shock the patient without prompt. Don’t touch the patient while they are being shocked.


Step 5: The defibrillator will tell you when the shock has been delivered and whether you need to continue CPR.


Step 6: Continue with chest compressions until the patient shows signs of life or the defibrillator tells you to stop so it can analyse the heartbeat again.


Anyone can use a defibrillator and you don’t need training.

Once you turn it on, it will give clear instructions on how to attach the defibrillator pads.


The device checks the heart rhythm and will only tell you to shock if it’s needed. You can't shock someone accidentally.

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 14.12.54.png
defib star.jpeg


On the wall of The Star public house.

defib village hall west leake.jpeg


On the wall at the far end of the village hall.

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