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The first Monday in the month

from 5pm

The Star Inn

The ladies of the village banded together and decided that they deserved a little 'girlie time'. So every first Monday in the month, there's a gathering at the Star Inn for a quick natter, plenty of laughter and maybe even a glass or two.

Dates for your diary

FEBRUARY : Monday 6th from 5pm

MARCH : Monday 6th from 5pm

APRIL : Monday 3rd from 5pm

MAY : Monday 1st from 5pm

JUNE : Monday 5th from 5pm

JULY : Monday 3rd from 5pm

AUGUST : Monday 7th from 5pm

SEPTEMBER : Monday 4th from 5pm

OCTOBER : Monday 2nd from 5pm

NOVEMBER : Monday 6th from 5pm

DECEMBER : Monday 11th from 5pm

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